The piece is an antique textile from the Kashmir region of North West India from the early 1700s. It is a very rare “hand sewed pieced Kashmiri shawl”. It is made of antique textile pieces that have carefully been sewed together to make the beautiful design. It is truly all hand weaved museum piece textile. It came from the personal collection of the Head Curator of the Textile Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago. Most of the antique shawls known today are the “Paisley” shawls from the 1800s that used the concept and design of this original piece and were machine woven in the town of Paisley Scotland. They are very beautiful, valuable and collectible but not as rare as this piece.

6’ x 6’ 3”
Date of Manufacture:
2nd Quarter of 1700s
Place of Origin:
Wool pile on a wool foundation

Rug ID: 1507