We are excited to offer “Made to Order”  area carpets and stairway runners. We have an exclusive line of products that are best suited for these custom order applications. We can incorporate customer-specific design needs and make carpets uniquely for their applications.

We also provide installation services for carpets and stairway runners. The installation process starts with our crew visiting the house and making measurements of the actual space and the stairs that the carpet will be installed. Once that is completed, we provide a quotation for the complete job (labor, material, and taxes) to the client for review and approval. Once the client approves the job, the material is ordered and we subsequently schedule the installation with the client. We have received many compliments from our clients that have used our design and installation services. We take pride in providing the best and most professional installation experience for our clients.

We also recommend that a padding for carpets.  Padding provides support and protects the carpet from stress and extends the life of the carpet.  Barrington Fine Rug Gallery provides custom size padding for a perfect fit for your carpets.

At Barrington Fine Rug Gallery, we provide a range of services including cleaning, repairs and restorations and installations of carpets. Please contact us if you require any cleaning, repairs or installation service for your carpets.