Clients visiting Barrington Fine Rug Gallery often ask me how is it possible that the carpets in the collection from the 1800s and early 1900s still have their beautiful design and brilliant colors after all these years of use.  The answer is that fine carpets have been woven with the best materials including wool, cotton, silk and natural vegetable dyes, in addition to excellent artisan workmanship in their creation.  If lovingly and appropriately cared for, these carpets develop a beautiful patina as they gradually and gracefully age.

It is recommended that the carpets be rotated at least once a year.  This will help to have a “balanced” natural wear and prevent directional excessive wear on one side versus the other.  Also, to maintain the colors, it is best to shade from direct sunlight if close to a window.  Gentle suction vacuuming of the carpets once a month will not damage the carpet and helps to get the dust and dirt out of the rug.

It is recommended that the carpets be professionally hand washed which rejuvenates the wool and brings out the brilliant colors.  In addition, simple cleaning and maintenance repairs extend the life of the carpets for generations of use and enjoyment.  If you have a home with a moderate level of traffic, area rugs and carpets should be cleaned at least once every two to three years to preserve the condition of the wool.  Dirt that stays in the carpet causes the wool to become stiff.  Over time this negatively impacts the natural oil that is in the wool.

Barrington Fine Rug Gallery offers consultation to our clients and a full range of cleaning, repair and restoration services to keep these works of art in great condition for years to come.