Pets such as dogs and cats have a special place in our hearts.  They are considered truly “members of the family” and they live in the house with us.  Unfortunately, sometimes they damage the carpet by chewing or clawing it or they may have accidents on the carpets that need to be cleaned professionally.

I am often asked for consultation by my clients that have pets at home about the care of their carpets and how often should the carpets be cleaned.  Also, what should be done if the pet causes damage to the carpet?

If you have a home with a moderate level of traffic, area rugs and carpets should be cleaned at least once every two to three years to preserve the condition of the wool.  Dirt that stays in the carpet causes the wool to become stiff.  Over time this negatively impacts the natural oil that is in the wool.  If you have pets such as a dog or a cat, because of the additional dirt brought in by these pets from outside, the carpets become dirty much faster.  In this case, the carpets should be cleaned at least once a year to preserve them and to provide for a cleaner living environment for your family.

Over the years, clients of Barrington Fine Rug Gallery have reached us for consultation on how best to have carpets cleaned to remove dog and cat odor and stains.  The first thing to remember is NOT to use the household cleaning solutions that people have around home.  Those could permanently damage the carpet beyond any repairs possible.  We have recommended to our clients our special enzyme bath that does an excellent job removing the odors and stains.

The process starts with the removal of dust and dirt embedded in the carpet.  Then the carpet is soaked in an enzyme bath for several hours.  The baths are designed to simulate the “river flow” to push the solution through the carpet to clean the fibers.  The bath is an environmentally safe cleaning enzyme that removes the odor and stain but does not damage the carpet like most house cleaning solutions would do.   The carpets then go through a final wash and rinse.  The final step in cleaning the carpet is drying it in a temperature and humidity controlled special drying room for a 12-24-hour period.

Barrington Fine Rug gallery provides full consultation on professional cleaning and restoration for your treasured pieces and to help you preserve your carpets for years of enjoyment and use.