Manchester Kashan

  • $75,000.00

The mansion size Manchester wool Kashan is truly a masterpiece in design and color and in an excellent condition with vibrant colors. The so-called “Manchester" name comes from the Merino sheep wool that was imported to Persia from Manchester England to weave this carpet. The wool is extremely soft and has a lustrous luxury and richness which shows in the rug. The "Manchester Kashan" rugs are renowned worldwide for their beauty because of their brilliant design and the high quality of the wool used in the weaving the carpet. The all-over large pattern in the design of the mail field adds to the beauty of the rug appropriate for a formal room in a mansion.

Dimensions:  12' x 18' 8"
Date of Manufacture:  1st Quarter of the 1900s
Place of Origin:  Persia
Material:  Manchester Wool and silk pile on a cotton foundation
Condition:  Excellent

Product ID: 1621

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