Custom Area Rugs & Runners

 We are excited to offer custom area rugs and runners.  We are able to "resize" a handwoven rug or use a item from our collection of vintage area rugs or runner (see below) to fit customer's requirements.

We also offer custom new "made to order" area rugs and runners using our 100% Undyed Natural Wool Carpeting in contemporary design and colors  

(Click Here to See Some of the Samples)


Professional Custom Carpet Finishing

We provide professional custom carpet measurement and finishing to meet the client's design and color needs to make the carpets uniquely made for their applications.  


Here is the typical steps in selecting, ordering and installation:

  1. Client reviews the collection and select specific design from our catalog.
  2. We will then schedule a first visit home to do a measurement of the space and incorporate the specific needs and requirements.   
  3. Once the measurement and finishing requirements are finalized, we provide a quotation for the complete job (labor, material, and taxes) to the client for review and approval.
  4. After the client reviews and approves the quotation, the material is ordered and we subsequently schedule the delivery and the installation with the client.

We have received many compliments and wonderful reviews from our clients that have used our design and installation services. We take pride in providing the best and most professional installation experience for our clients.