Animal stains and odor removal & cleaning

If your pet has an accident on your rug, or you have food or drink spills (coffee, wine, etc.), you need to have the carpet professionally cleaned as soon as possible to prevent long term damage to the rug.   We can use our special "stain removal process" which is safe for the carpet.   Our "enzyme bath" helps with the removal of various strong odors (smoke, damp and musty smells).   Do not use the typical household cleaning agents since they might damage the rug permanently.


To remove pet stains and odors, we use a special enzyme bath that does an excellent job of removing the odors and stains. The process starts with the removal of dust and dirt embedded in the carpet. Then the carpet is soaked in an enzyme bath for several hours. The carpets then go through a final wash and rinse. The final step in cleaning the carpet is drying it in a temperature and humidity controlled special drying room for a 12-24-hour period.

If you have pets such as a dog or a cat, because of the additional dirt brought in by these pets from outside, the carpets become dirty much faster. In this case, the carpets should be cleaned at least once a year to preserve them and to provide for a cleaner living environment for your family. Dirt that stays in the carpet causes the wool to become stiff. Over time this negatively impacts the natural oil that is in the wool.