Barrington Fine Rug Gallery was a sponsor of “Art in the Barn” Juried Art Show to raise funds and support Good Shepherd Hospital.  This is the 43rd annual event took place on Sept 23 and 24th at the Grounds of the Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, IL.  An important part of Barrington Fine Rug Gallery’s mission is to support local educational, artistic and charitable organizations so this was a strong match between the two organizations.

Art in the Barn 2

Art in the Barn

Barrington Fine Rug Gallery was invited to present on “Antique Carpet History and Fine Weaving Art”.  We were extremely honored to be invited to highlight the artistic uniqueness of the gallery and its collection as was noted in the article in magazine.

The presentation on Antique Carpet History and the Art of Fine Weaving had two areas of focus. First, we shared the history of carpet weaving over the last 500 years, which was a skill set utilized by early nomadic tribes to produce fabrics for their own needs and later developed into an art form to be enjoyed by the wealthy in cities and villages. It turns out that the Safavid Royal Court of Persia originally commissioned royal workshops to produce exquisite pieces that were to be used in the palaces throughout the empire. The pieces developed during this time period are highly sought after today and are the center of most collections in museums around the world.


The second area of focus was a discussion on the technical aspects of the carpets. The sourcing and use of natural materials and dyes, along with the various weaving techniques utilized by the Artisans of the Persian empire. These masters trained apprentices who spread this knowledge east into the Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey), and west into Mughal India, Central Asia, and China. This helps explain how carpets that originated from the Middle Eastern countries migrated to the rest of the world.




We also displayed a sample of fine rugs for attendees to touch and examine as they asked additional questions about these fine antique rugs.  At the end of the presentation, all the attendees were invited to visit our gallery in Barrington at 425 W Main St. While visitors can drop in anytime, we recommended setting up an appointment to ensure enough time to evaluate the unique collection.  You can contact us at:

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