Barrington Fine Rug Gallery roots go back to the great Carpet Bazaars of Persia.    The love and appreciation of fine weaving were ignited in me by my father and other members of our family which have been collectively in business for over one hundred years.

In my own travels around the globe, I have always sought out the old bazaars and antique shops that one might find a true woven masterpiece.  Through these travels, I have also discovered great rugs and hand woven textiles from other regions of the world including Caucasus, Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and China.   Although the term  “oriental rugs” has traditionally been synonymous with “Persian Rugs and Carpets” this has been changing.  The term  “Oriental Rugs” has become a universal term to describe the art of  weaving wool, cotton and silk into some great pieces of woven art that can be displayed on the floor or on the wall.