Our Difference:

Today most of what is known as “handmade rugs” that are sold in home furnishing stores are produced in India, Pakistan and China and have very little to do with the great traditions of the past. Although they might be labeled as “handmade oriental rugs”, the quality, material, workmanship and design are not much different from good quality machine made rugs.

The goal of Barrington Fine Rug Gallery is to be in a business that is very different from these furnishing stores. Our focus is on truly one-of-a-kind handmade art pieces that were produced in 18th and 19th and early 20th centuries.  Our collection encompasses fine rugs from Persia, Caucasus Region, Middle East, Central Asia, India, China and Europe that are truly work of art in every aspect including design, colors, quality of materials and workmanship.

I am committed to make every effort to meet our clients needs keeping in mind that the rug that we find is a piece of art not unlike a fine painting or a sculpture,  one that I hope would bring great joy and satisfaction for now and generations to come.